Mr V.K.Shunglu

Mr V.K.Shunglu

Chairman, DPS Society

DPS Azaad Nagar  (School Affiliation no. : 2130724) is a part of the Delhi Public School Society. The Society brings to Kanpur the many years of experience in providing quality education all over India and abroad via its 127 schools.The Society is a vibrant growing organization guided by eminent board members who actively lend their skills and knowledge in reformulating the society’s initiatives year after year so that the Society remains alive to changes and the educational needs of today’s youth and society. As a result, the DPS family is known to provide education in an environment that truly nurtures the best in children so that they draw on our own cultural heritage and are able to become contributing, thinking members of tomorrow’s world. DPS Azaad Nagar with its all pervading warm and welcoming attitude, its great desire to be a part of the world community and its motivation to excel in all spheres makes its partnership with the DPS Society a winning one! I convey my best wishes to the Management, Principal, Faculty, Parents, and Students of the school for a dynamic growth.

Vice Chairman

Rear Admiral M.M. Chopra

Vice-Chairman, DPS Society

It gives me immense pleasure to learn about the progress of Delhi Public School Azaad Nagar (School Affiliation no. : 2130724), Kanpur, be it the excellent Board results or the consistent winning spree it embarks upon in each Academic Session in the various extra-curricular competitions. Delhi Public School Azaad Nagar, with its unique architecture and vast expanse, is already well known among the DPS Society Schools and outside as a leading institution with a global vision. I foresee DPS Azaad Nagar fulfilling the requirements of the future citizens of India very well since it has one of the best infrastructures, a dynamic management and a dedicated staff. My best wishes to the school in all its future endeavours.

Vandana Misra

Bandana Misra

Pro- Vice Chairperson

DPS Azaad Nagar (School Affiliation no. : 2130724), Kanpur is well-known for its majestic ambience. One feels proud of its rapid growth. The successive Board results have been phenomenal. The students of the school have also made winning a habit, be it sports, quizzes, olympiads, dance, music or dramatics at Inter-School and Inter-DPS competitions. The saga of success is a result of the emphasis on holistic education. The persevering staff, state-of-the-art facilities and the general exuberance of the school make up for a uniqueness which sets it apart from its contemporaries. DPS Azaad Nagar is all set to provide the best overall development to its students, making an indelible mark on the education firmament.