Basant Panchami


A special assembly was conducted by the students of class 1A on 7/02/17. The topic of the assembly was ‘Basant Panchami’. The students imparted the knowledge regarding the topic. They recited the poems – ‘The Spring Season’ and ‘Rituon ki Rani’. The students spoke few lines on the objects like veens, sunflowers and mustard seeds. The significance of the festival was imparted through an enactment which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.




A Special Assembly on Basant Panchami was conducted by class 3 in the school Hall on 1st feb, 2017

Students were dressed up in yellow coloured dresses. The assembly started with Saraswati puja followed by a melodious song. Children then recited a poem written by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The assembly concluded with a beautiful dance performance given by the students.




Basant Panchami, a day that marks the onset of the spring season and ushers in vibrancy of life was celebrated as “yellow day” with traditional fervour.

A special assembly was conducted on Feb 2, 2017 by the students of class VII invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati beginning withSaraswati Vandana in the school premises reverberated with holy charts, shloks and devotional song sung by the school choir. Vaishnavi, Manya and Aaditya delivered speeches to highlight the significance of Basant Panchami and importance of yellow colour. Vanshika, Sanchi, Shubhangi, Yash Chawla and Japneet recited a beautiful poetry entitles “ Aa gaya basant hai, cha gaya basant hai”.

Staff paid floral tribute to Goddess Saraswati seeking health happiness, knowledge and wisdom. A special dance was presented which highlighted the assembly.




DPS, Azaad Nagar, renowned for academic excellence celebrated Basant Panchmi by offering prayers to the Goddess of learning, Ma Saraswati at a beautifully presented assembly by the Senior Secondary students.The Chief Guest on the occasion was the Pro-Vice Chairperson of the school, Mrs. Bandana Misra while the Guest of Honour was founder, Mr. Alok Misra. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Rachna Mohotra welcomed the guests.

The assembly commenced with ‘shlokas’ dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. Students extolled the virtues of the deity and the symbolism attached to her persona. The school choir presented an ode to the ‘Veenavaadini’ while Shreya Awasthi of Class XI sang a ‘bandish’ in raag malkos to enliven the advent of spring season or basant panchmi.The occasion of Saraswati puja holds special significance for the Class XII students who shall be appearing for the board exams shortly. Thus after the ritual ‘puja’ was offered by the honorable guests, the Class XII students were called upon to pay their obeisance and seek the blessings of the Goddess. A ritual ‘tika’, floral offerings and distribution of ‘prasada’ marked the solemn ceremony.

The Founder of the school Mr. Alok Misra motivated the students with his inspiring words and wished them all the very best for their upcoming examinations. The Principal Mrs. Rachna Mohotra too advised the Senior Secondary class and all the students to excel in their exams and to keep the school flag flying high!




REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATION At  Delhi Public School, Azaad Nagar  (26 January, 2017)

The 68th Republic day was celebrated at Delhi Public School, Azaad Nagar, Kanpur with great zeal and enthusiasm. Today, on 26th January, 2017 the whole school was decorated in tricolour’s glory. The joyous celebrations began with the unfurling of the national flag by the Principal of the school Ms. Rachna Mohotra Immediately, the atmosphere was filled with the melodious notes of the national anthem.

An assembly was organized by the students of Class 6 to make the day memorable. The assembly started with the morning prayer. The students then appeared dressed up as patriots and spoke with fervour about the Indian constitution and celebrations of Republic Day. The patriotic fervour reached its peak when little loyalists dressed as Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh etc. appeared on the stage and impressed one and all. Then the students of class 6 presented a choir ‘Sare Jahan Se Accha’. Everyone joined in and very quickly its musical echo could be heard in the whole school. A graceful dance titled ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ followed the choir which was dedicated to the national heroes who laid down their lives for the freedom of India.

To commemorate the occasion, an inter-house (Hindi and English) solo song competition was organised. One student from each house (Blue-Bells, Daffodils, Shamrock and Tulips) participated in the competition. The patriotic songs sung by them overwhelmed the audience. An inter-house speech competition followed in which the students spoke eloquently on two burning issues of India – ‘Elections in India’ in Hindi and ‘Demonetization and its effect’ in English. The orchestra competition which followed enraptured everyone with the patriotic tunes. The notes of Congo, synthesizer and the guitar showcased the talent of the children.

The assembly concluded when the Principal of the school Ms. Rachna Mohotra wished the students and appreciated their zeal and zest. She told them that students are the future of the nation and to celebrate national festivals joyfully with fervour and remember the patriots is admirable. She thanked the children who then got ready to sing the national song.




Rocket Scientist Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Rocket Scientist Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

A special assembly was held  by the science students of class XII on the topic ‘Science & Innovation’ to pay tribute to the honorary scientist and late President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

The assembly started with a special note on the famour ‘Wind Tunnel Technology’ set up in IIT Kanpur by the guidance of Dr. Kalam. It was his dream project to conduct aerodynamics and aeroengineering experiments.

Rocket Scientist Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, was a healer at heart.





With great enthusiasm and high spirits, the students of Class IX A presented their Special Assembly of ‘Digital India’ on 7th August , 2015.

Digital India is an initiative by the government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens electronically.

The Assembly was supported by visual presentation through projector and through placards.


Class X E depicted its environmental concerns by taking up the topic ‘Conservation of resources’ for its special assembly held on 31st of July, 2015.

The Students reiterated the need of using water, paper, food and other substances sparingly and avoiding their wastage at all costs. They supported their verbal information with a visual presentation as well which was a unique aspect of the assembly.

The question – answer held after the assembly helped the students to recapitulate their understanding of the ‘Need for Conservation’.

The Principal of the school, Mrs. Rachna Mohotra appreciated the concept and encouraged the children to express their own ideas regarding conservation!