Independance Day  Assembly

Welcome Assembly – Class VI

WAA special assembly was conducted by the students of Class VIB. They welcomes the children to the new Academic Session 2016-2017. The children spoke the lines on welcome with enthusiasm together with some points which should be kept in mind to maintain the decorum of the school. Quotes from the placards were cited with the spirit to success in all the forthcoming endeavours. The school choir sang a melodious song. The assembly ended with the tune of the National Anthem.

Basant Panchmi

‘Basant Panchami’, the first day of the onset of spring is celebrated as the day of the advent of the Goddess of Learning i.e. Goddess Saraswati. Since school is a temple of learning, the students of DPS, Azaad Nagar sought the blessings of Goddess Saraswati at a well-arranged ceremony in the beautifully decorated amphitheatre of the school on ‘Basant Panchmi’.

The ceremony was more special for the Class XII Board Examinees who are expected to bring laurels to their institution by proving themselves in the Board Exams. An elaborate assembly was arranged by the students of class II to commemmorate this very important day. The amphitheatre stage was decorated with yellow flowers, symbolic of ‘Basant’ and the idol of Goddess Saraswati was placed centre stage for worship.

The student speakers welcomed the honourable guests Pro-Vice Chairperson of the school, Mrs. Bandana Misra and founder, Mr. Alok Misra and member of the managing committee Mr. Devavrata Misra with the traditional ‘Vasant’  or potted marigolds.

The assembly began with the speakers extolling the significance of ‘Basant Panchmi’ and gave an elaborate account of the advent and the adornments of the Goddess of Learning; They recited beautiful ‘shlokas’ set to music by the school music department regarding the mythological description of the deity. Religious hymns were also sung in her praise by the melodious school choir.

Finally, the honourable guests, the Pro Vice Chairperson Mrs. Bandava Misra, Founder of the school Mr. Alok Misra and member of the Maganging Committee Mr. Devavrata Misra were requested to come forward for the ‘aarti’.

The staff members too joined the ritual followed by the Class XII students who were given ‘Vasants’ to offer to the Goddess and seek her blessings. Mrs. And Mr. Misra did the ceremonial ’tilak’ and blessed the Class XII students offering them their good wishes for the approaching exams and for their bright future.

Founder DPS, Azaad Nagar Mr. Alok Misra spoke to encourage all the students and emphasised that he had high hopes for an exemplary result from the present batch of the senior most class. He also stressed that DPS, Azaad Nagar students had kept the school’s name aloft with exceptionally excellent results in the previous years and that the tradition should be carried forth. The school Principal Mrs. Rachna Mohotra motivated the children to comeout with flying colours and prove themselves.

Very appropriately on this occasion the teachers who are the mentors and guides of the students were honoured with the 10 Glorious Years Award  which is a unique tradition instituted by the school management and given to the staff members who have completed 10 years of dedicated service to school. The award was presented by the Pro Vice Chairperson Mrs. Bandana Misra and the founder of the school Mr. Alok Misra.

The ‘Basant Panchmi’ celebrations came to a close with the rest of the students offering ‘pushpanjali’ to the Goddess and distribution of ‘Prasad’ all around.

Special Assembly – REPUBLIC DAY

26 Jan (3)On the auspicious occasion of Republic  Day, a special assembly in DPS Azaad Nagar was conducted by the students of class 9C and 9F. The assembly began with a patriotic song: “Maa Tujhe Salaam”. 26 Jan (2)The students gave a lot of information on how the Constitution was framed and what was the contribution of the Constituent Assembly in the making of  an Constitution. The students represented the contradictions between the expectations of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar and honourable M.K. Gandhi. They also presented a broad view of the three divisions of the Indian Armed Forces: The Indian Army, Indian Navy and the Indian Airforce. The assembly concluded with a beautiful poem ‘Bharat ki Parampara’, which depicted the significance of India and its people.

The honourable Principal Mam appreciated the students for their efforts.


Rocket Scientist Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Rocket Scientist Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

A special assembly was held  by the science students of class XII on the topic ‘Science & Innovation’ to pay tribute to the honorary scientist and late President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

The assembly started with a special note on the famour ‘Wind Tunnel Technology’ set up in IIT Kanpur by the guidance of Dr. Kalam. It was his dream project to conduct aerodynamics and aeroengineering experiments.

Rocket Scientist Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, was a healer at heart.


With great enthusiasm and high spirits, the students of Class IX A presented their Special Assembly of ‘Digital India’ on 7th August , 2015.

Digital India is an initiative by the government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens electronically.

The Assembly was supported by visual presentation through projector and through placards.


Class X E depicted its environmental concerns by taking up the topic ‘Conservation of resources’ for its special assembly held on 31st of July, 2015.

The Students reiterated the need of using water, paper, food and other substances sparingly and avoiding their wastage at all costs. They supported their verbal information with a visual presentation as well which was a unique aspect of the assembly.

The question – answer held after the assembly helped the students to recapitulate their understanding of the ‘Need for Conservation’.

The Principal of the school, Mrs. Rachna Mohotra appreciated the concept and encouraged the children to express their own ideas regarding conservation!

Eid Mubarak

  • Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak

    To make the children aware about Eid, a special assembly was conducted on 23rd July, 2015. The children  spoke few lines on the festival, their food etc. They also sang a song. (God’s Love)

  • On 10th July, 2015 the Class X-F students presented a Special Assembly on the topic ‘We are Indian’. The message imparted stressed on the fact that even though we are a diverse people we ought to the united to work for the progress and prosperity of the nation.
  • The Constitution of India is the source of our well-organized civic life. The students of class VIII-E spoke eloquently about the constitution, its making and its importance in an informative assembly on 17th of July, 2015.
  • Parents not only bring their children into the world but are the most earnest well-wishers of their offspring. However, we often forget their worth. Students of Class X-A spoke about every facet of the parent- child relationship in their special assembly on 24th July, 2015, with the message that ‘Our Parents should be Our Role Models’!
  • Class VIII-F held its special assembly on 24th July, 2015. The topic of the assembly was ‘One Pen’ One Book’ and it focused on alleviating the problem of illiteracy. Taking an excerpt out of Malala Fousufzai’s speech the children gave the message that One Child, One Teacher, One Pen and One Book can indeed change the world.

In order to foster the art of public speaking and to train the students in being confident on the stage, Class Assemblies are held regularly at DPS, Azaad Nagar. Each section of every Class is given a week to put up normal daily assemblies as well as a special assembly. The Special assembly involves all the students of the class with most of them on stage. During the assembly, a topic of Moral, National or Inter-national significance is taken up and spoken about. It is highlighted by the use of banners and charts. Skits and songs related to the same are also put up with great enthusiasm. Assemblies related to festivals are very colourful with myriad decorations, costumes and dances.