DPS Azaad Nagar | Principal

Rachna Mohotra

Rachna Mohotra

The sketch drawn a few years back for DPS Azaad Nagar has changed into something more concrete. The lines are more defined and the colors have begun to fill in.

In vast and beautiful environs, the school nurtures education as an intricately planned endeavour. It aims at making children capable of becoming active, responsible, productive and caring members of society. Students are made familiar with various practices of the community by imparting relevant skills and ideas. They are encouraged to analyze and evaluate their experiences, to doubt, to question, to investigate-in other words to be inquisitive and to think independently.

The school imbibes and updates itself consistently regarding the latest innovations concerning pedagogy. All  CBSE directives are carried out to the fullest and the Senior School education is in sync with the dynamism of the system. The CCE initiative has filtered down to all junior levels making learning more activity oriented, enjoyable and stress free!

Since, the overall development of children requires the harmonious partnership of teachers and parents, we, once again look forward to extending our already existing wonderful relationship. Parents can be instrumental in bringing about excellence in the education of their wards by monitoring their self-study and revision at home and encouraging their participation in all co-scholastic areas on the wide platform provided by the school.

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R. Mohotra
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